How to Teach Work Ethic to High School Students

January 12, 2019
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Ladder of Success: How to Teach Work Ethic to High School Students

Building the right entrepreneurial mindset in high schoolers will save them a lot of trouble in the future. However, if you see that your kids always show up late in the class and exhibit poor performance in their academics even if they are extremely bright shows a red flag. It means that you have to do something.

Proper work ethics should be a part of your children’s ultimate goal because they will be the ones who will suffer the possible consequences. Without good work ethics, you might find that your children may have trouble keeping a job in the future because of constant termination. Without it, getting to the ladder of success may be difficult for them as well.

Sadly, the parents are the first ones that are blamed if a child grows up having terrible work ethics. Work ethics stems from how the child was disciplined and taught.

People with poor work ethics can still improve. However, they may have to learn it the hard way. They have to experience getting terminated from a few jobs first and not being able to pay their own bills because of it.

Of course, you would not want for your children to learn the hard way. As such, you should instill the right success vision to your children as early as now. To know how you can teach your children on the proper work ethics, you should notice the good and the bad ethics exhibited by high schoolers.

Signs of Lack of Ethics in High Schoolers

  • They often arrive late at school.
  • Frequent absences
  • Frequent use of a cellphone during class hours.
  • Their performance is subpar even though they are bright and no can-do attitude.
  • They have no motivation to do anything that can improve their poor performance.

To instill a good code to success on your high schoolers, you should watch out for these signs. Once you see that even one of your children shows some of these signs, you should take action right away. Even though your children have awesome money-making ideas in mind, those ideas will become useless without the proper work ethics.

What Are Some Characteristics of a Person With Good Work Ethics?

Now that you know the signs to watch out for poor work ethics, here are some characteristics of high schoolers with good ethics:

  • They treat their teachers and classmates with respect.
  • High schoolers with good ethics are responsible for their tasks.
  • They perform beyond expectations even if nobody is watching them.
  • Teens produce high-quality results on their performance.
  • High schoolers with good ethics are goal-oriented.
  • They have self discipline.
  • Teens have the “work hard in silence let success make the noise” attitude.
  • They perform well either in individual or group work.

High school is your children’s foundation in the future. Therefore, high school is the best stage to teach your children about the proper entrepreneurial mindset.

How to Build Good Work Ethics on Your High Schooler

Teaching leadership team development is the best way to educate on proper work ethics. It does not only teach them what they will need to learn to survive, but it will also prepare them to have the right mindset that they will to survive a working environment in the future.

1. Serve as Their Example

Aside from teaching them, you must also exhibit this key success factors yourself. You cannot persuade your children to go to your school on time if you are always late to your appointments as well. You should show good work ethics both at work and at home.

2. Give Them a Reward After Accomplishing a Task

One of the reasons why some children hesitate to do a task is because they cannot see the benefit that they will receive when they do it. For this reason, give them a task that they can also see the rewards they can reap and serve as their daily motivator.

3. Compensate Them for Some Tasks

Select some tasks that you are willing to pay them. It may include assisting you in your business, mowing the grass every school break, and the like. Doing so will let them be aware that they have to work for something to get a reward.

4. There Are Tasks That Are Meant to Serve Others

Make them understand that to be a good business person in the future, they have to learn how to give back. You can teach them about it by giving them some tasks without rewards, or by educating them to give to the needy using the compensation they earned.

However, this method may be challenging. Some high schoolers only get motivated when a task has a reward or compensation.

There is no guarantee that your child will reach the ladder of success when they learn the proper work ethics to set their standards for success. However, you will see a vast improvement in their school performance by teaching them at an early age.

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